Pressure washers are popular tools used around the world for various cleaning purposes. These include using high pressure to clean vehicles, brick walls, and driveways. And that’s to name a few! Using this tool can bring about far better results than you would get without it.

A power washer is often used to clean cars, driveways, and brick walls. Power washing is the process of using a power washer to clean an object. This can be done by using the high pressure from the power washer to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the thing.

Idea#1) Remove grease stains on the driveway

You may apply a pressure washer to remove grease stains on the driveway. First, you should spray some degreaser then use a low-pressure setting. Do not apply too much pressure or damage the concrete surface.

Idea#2) Remove mildew

Pressure washing is also used to remove mildew in your home. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of mold on your sidewalk, patio, fences, and even the siding on your home. Use a turbo nozzle for this job because it generates the higher pressure needed to remove mildew from surfaces.

Idea#3) Clean window screens

You can use a pressure washer to clean window screens at home by spraying water with high force over the screens. Be sure to use high pressure to clean screens effectively without hurting your hands.

Idea#4) Clean the exterior of the house

Do not wait for a special occasion or holiday to wash your home’s exterior. Start using a pressure washer regularly, and you will have a cleaner house that looks better and lasts longer. You can use a low or medium pressure setting with a rotating nozzle that effectively removes dirt from vinyl siding, brick walls, and wood surfaces. Avoid strong fan spray setting because it may remove paint from your home’s exterior.

Idea#5) Clean outdoor furniture

You don’t have to hire someone to clean outdoor furniture in your yard when you have a pressure washer at home. Use angle tip nozzles that generate high force to spray dirt and stains from furniture surfaces. However, please do not use too much pressure, or it will damage the surface of your expensive outdoor furniture.

Idea#6) Clean outdoor carpeting

If you want to get rid of oil stains on an outdoor carpet, let a pressure washer take care of the job for you. If the rug is still attached to the deck, detach it first, then start spraying using a low to medium pressure setting with a rotating nozzle. Spray just enough water to reach oil stains but do not soak through the fabric and remove them altogether. Next, apply hot water and detergent solution, then scrubs gently using a soft brush. Make sure that no excess moisture remains before re-hanging your deck carpet back again in its place.

Idea#7) Clean outdoor umbrellas

Pressure washing is effective in cleaning and maintaining outdoor umbrellas. This method can also clean patio cushions and furniture because water streams from a pressure washer reach hard-to-reach areas. High pressure with a rotating nozzle will work best for this job. However, please do not use too much force when spraying over fabric surfaces such as the umbrella’s canopy because it may cause damage.

Idea#8) Remove algae stencils on stenciled concrete or asphalt driveways

To remove algae stencils, you can borrow your neighbor’s power washer or hire someone with one. Still, there is another more accessible way to get rid of them without using any tool at all, and that’s through applying a paste made of baking soda and water. When the paste is dry, sweep it off and rinses the area with plain water.

Idea#9) Remove oil stains on driveway

A pressure washer is one effective tool that can help you remove oil stains on your driveway. Again, start by applying a degreaser, then use a low-pressure setting to spray mist over the oil stain. Pouring cold water may cause the oil to solidify, but eventually, it will be removed with high pressure from a pressure washer.

Idea#10) Clean below car parts

Do not wait until something terrible happens before using a pressure washer to clean undercarriages of cars at home or in the garage. The dirty area where batteries are located should be kept clean all the time, so harmful chemicals will not cause damage to your car parts.

Idea#11) Clean engine parts and the oil filter

If you want to clean engine parts and the oil filter, let a pressure washer take care of this job for you. Do not forget to use high pressure with rotating nozzle attachment because it works best in removing stains on these surfaces. Keep the garage floor dry and clean by using a pressure washer as well before parking your car inside.

Idea#12) Remove grease from garage floors

You don’t have to apply harsh chemical products or scrub your garage floor too hard with a heavy metal brush when you can easily remove grease from them using a pressure washer. Start by applying degreaser solution, then start spraying at a low-pressure setting with a rotating nozzle attachment.

Idea#13) Wash paint, coffee stains, and rust from car surfaces

A pressure washer is a go-to tool for washing away oil stains on your garage floor, but you can also use it to remove paint, coffee stains, and rust from your car’s surfaces too. Spray with low to medium pressure using an extension nozzle. Do not forget to use a rotating nozzle because it will work best in removing stubborn stains, especially if they are still wet.

Idea#14) Clean outdoor light fixtures

There’s no need to hire someone to clean outdoor light fixtures at home when you have a power washer at hand that can do the job for you. Use a high-pressure setting with a heavy-duty spray tip, then turn off or shut down the main valve of your pressure washer.

Idea#15) Clean outdoor furniture and patio cushions

Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean garden furniture and patio cushions such as wicker porch furniture, teak wood, metal or plastic chairs. Use low pressure with a rotating nozzle or gentle spray tip to prevent damage on the fabric surfaces of these pieces of furniture.

Final Thoughts – Every Day Cleaning Ideas for Your Home with a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers can clean different areas of your home, not only the exterior portion. There are many ways you can use this tool safely without causing any damage on surfaces that need to be cleaned. Plus, it’s cost-effective and energy-saving, too, because you will no longer require heavy-duty or industrial-grade cleaning chemicals.

Pressure washing is an efficient tool that can be used for so many tasks at home, including but not limited to cleaning outdoor furniture, light fixtures, and car surfaces. You will save time and money by using the proper technique on each character you need to clean.


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