Buying a USB document camera is suddenly becoming a trend for many business owners, small and old. This Document camera has its special features, which is allowing for more collaborations. But you may want to argue that a projector does almost the same thing? That’s correct! However, when you compare the functionality and flexibility of a Document Camera to that of a projector, you will see many reasons to leave the latter. Before now, projectors were the most common tool used in universities and other places for presentations, amongst a host of other reasons. But projectors can be a bit limiting overall with their function. The most annoying limitation that can come with a projector is the shadow part. The moment any item can come in between the Ray of light and its destination, you can bid farewell to your presentation. What you will be seeing is the shadow of the item. This is something you will seldom experience with a Document camera.

In most cases, the most common type of projector You will see globally is the overhead projectors. These projector types can be limiting because you have to get to the room it is mounted before you can use it. For instance, let us assume you are a school administrator and you buy that kind of instrument. In the most likely case, you will have it installed in a particular room. That means when a teacher has something to visualize to his students, they have to take the students there. That can be limiting to education, as with many other sectors. In this guide, we will go over the reason why you should be spending money on buying a Document camera. If you had doubts about whether the document camera was good or not, keep reading.

Gives room for collaboration

Before now, using a projector to teach was always one-sided. The tutor is in total control showing and explaining what the students see. In the case of the document camera, everyone is seeing what is happening clearly. Therefore, there is more understanding and more room for a better explanation on the part of the lecturer.

It is better than a projector

Projectors have existed for a long time, but they have a lot of limitations. Your shadow blocks the display immediately. The displays usually had very low quality, so not everyone can see clearly. Lastly, it was always too heavy. In almost all features, the document camera is a better investment than a projector.

You can carry it around

Instead of sacrificing one room as a presenting room, why not have your presentation anywhere, whenever you need it. There are times when you are explaining something that it is always better to show it. Using a document camera is portable so you can carry it around.

More versatile features

A Document camera is way more than just presenting material. You can use it for meetings, to take videos and many other features. The features of the document cameras are many, it only depends on the brand and price of the camera. Therefore, you are getting more versatility with the document Camera for less.


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