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To make the most of Microsoft’s touchscreen-friendly Windows 8, PC makers rushed to design new machines that could handle the software’s capabilities. Hybrids, which appear like a combination between laptops and tablets, were a common sight during the show. As a result, the market for Microsoft’s mobile-style operating system, Windows Phone, was unable to gain traction. Windows 8’s problems were addressed with Windows 10, now a year old. Hybrid PCs that run Windows have also improved over time. Modern models are lighter, slimmer, and more powerful than the previous generation. Among the best examples is Huawei’s new Mate book, which sold on July 11. Visit the Huawei store to get the latest laptop price


The first laptop-tablet hybrid from Huawei, the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, is the $700 Mate book. The Mate book offers a more laptop-like experience than a tablet when using the optional keyboard and pen. Apple’s iPod Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro range of laptops can be compared to the 12-inch Windows-powered Mate book. It’s a gorgeous, well-built tablet, but the Mate book is best combined with the $129 keyboard for everyday work. As with other hybrids, this one suffers from the same flaw as others: dedicated tablets are better at being tablets, just as dedicated laptops are better at being laptops.


For smooth and pleasurable typing, Huawei’s keyboard offers ample depth. However, the keys are solid and spacious even though the keyboard deck is flimsier than on a regular laptop. In comparison to Apple’s iPod Pro keyboard, which is more crowded and mushy, I much like this one. While Apple’s keyboard has a slimmer profile, it’s less portable than the competition.) The Huawei, $59 because the “ink” on the screen, is made darker as you press harder with the Mate Pen, it is pressure sensitive. When you rest your palm on the screen, the display knows you’re sketching, but it doesn’t know when you’re just resting your hand on it.

Battery Life

The Mate book’s battery can sustain approximately an entire workday without a top-up. The tablet lasted for nearly a day and a half as I used it on and off for simple word processing, Internet surfing and watching Netflix. I surf the web with eight tabs open and play a game with other applications active in the background without noticing any difficulties with the Mate book’s multitasking capabilities.


Huawei’s Mate book is a sleek and capable Windows computer that’s excellent for entertainment and light productivity. A laptop-tablet combination like this one doesn’t replicate the experience of using a laptop to the fullest extent possible. However, Huawei’s keyboard isn’t going to leave a lasting impression.

Still, it will cost a lot of money to get the most out of the Mate book. Starting at $700, you’ll need to shell out $129 for a keyboard cover, $59 for the Mateen, and $89 for the dock to get the most out of the gadget. Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Apple’s iPod Pro both cost the same, but there’s a high barrier to entry. If you want the most terrific deal on a Mate book, you don’t have to go any farther than here.


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